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The VIP Package

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The one who still has a "suitcase in Berlin" is to be envied. Since the fall of the wall this multicultural city is in a permanent change, is trend setting and developing new urban masterpieces.  Many of our guests are first time visitors to Berlin and are almost overwhelmed by the multiple impressions the new German capital holds for them.

Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders Haus

Even those visitors who once had been to West or East Berlin are surprised by the outstanding architectural and cultural developments. Most of them don’t want to waste their time in Berlin with asking their way through this metropolis:  "How do we get ? ... Where is ... ? "

Therefore we offer you tour guides which will pick you up at the train station or the airport, drive you to your hotel and then escort you to the historical, political, cultural and culinary highlights of the capital.  

Away from the usual tourist paths you will discover places and urban surprises that you probably would not have discovered alone or only by a sheer coincidence. And with this little piece of personal luxury you will learn a whole lot more about Berlin 's culture, history and "art de vivre" than a printed or electronic guide could have provided for you.

Granted, sometimes the realization of exceptional travel dreams costs a little more. Dreams that come true if you have the right experts on hand who know exactly how to make the seemingly impossible possible, who open locked doors and gain access for you to hidden worlds. So - for a handful of euros more - you can make your trip to Berlin not only an unforgettable intellectual and cultural experience, but a wonderful experience for all your senses!