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Berlin is not only a city of museums and antique collections, but also the city of artists and a talent forge for modern art production:
Artists and creative people from all over the world create the works for the art collections of tomorrow. The German capital therefore harbours numerous new trend galleries and gorgeous exhibitions of contemporary art and design.

Asperger Gallery

  Galerie Haas

Kuckei + Kuckei

Raab Galerie

Galerie Schipper

Galerie Vostell

 Galerie Berlin

galerie deschler

Galerie Schulte

Galerie Fricke  

Kicken Berlin 

 Galerie Neu  

Galerie Barthel+Tetzner  

Kunstkabinett Bassenge  

Galerie Graphikpresse 

Galerie argus fotokunst

Zellermayer Galerie  

Galerie Fahnemann

Galerie Linneborn  

    Kunstpunkt  Berlin

Camera Work 

Galerie Eigen & Art    

Galerie Crone/Osarek

Galerie Icon

carlier / gebauer  

Galerie Max Hetzler  

Werkstattgalerie Noack  

Galerie  A.Dreher


Galerie Murata  

Seitz & Partner 

Galerie Dittmar

Galerie  Dikmayer

Art Galerie Richter    

Contemporary Fine Arts

Galerie   Thumm 

 Galerie Nordenhake 

Jarmuschek & Partner

Galerie   Nierendorf

Galerie Horst Dietrich